About Us

Power Vector Solar is a subsidiary of Power Vector EPC, an established Canadian construction engineering company based in Markham that serves all of Ontario. The launch of our solar division in 2009 after the introduction of the Ontario government Feed–in–Tariff program has brought the ability for our company to innovate and promote the best solar energy solutions to homeowners as well as agricultural and industry sectors all across Ontario. Our goal is to continually provide the best solution for solar energy implementation to our customers while utilizing the latest technology and state–of–the–art equipment, making it easy and beneficial to our customers to take advantage of Ontario’s solar incentive.

Power Vector consists of engineers, designers and installers that continually strive to provide the very best in solar solutions. Our staff is dedicated to giving our customers the finest quality product, professionalism and service that they deserve. Our team also goes to great lengths to find ways in which we can improve our process to better serve our customers; our commitment to this has made us a trusted leader of solar energy solution providers in Ontario. Our status as a market leader allows our company to provide EPC solar services for over 30 solar companies for various solar energy projects, from large–scale FIT to small–scale MicroFIT solutions. Power Vector’s commitment to the best mechanical and electrical installation quality, superior management and professional engineering services has helped us develop a trusted and well–earned reputation within the industry. When it comes to solar energy solutions, look no further than Power Vector to do the job with professionalism, quality and service—every single time.

Here at Power Vector, we take great pride in providing our customers with the latest technology and state–of–the–art solutions to solar energy. Through the innovation and hard work of our engineers, we continually explore and improve upon what is capable in the solar energy industry. By doing this, we have been able to provide our customers with a steady profit stemming from the implementation of solar energy, all while improving the future of the community by reducing environmental footprint. Simply put, we feel that the best way to make solar power more accessible and popular is to provide an easy way for interested participants to get involved—and our job is to provide this very service.

We strongly believe in the power of solar; it can provide a source of energy that is beneficial to the environment in a way that will be increasingly impactful in the future. Through solar energy, we can make our contribution to the future of our communities by embedding the beginnings of a safer, cleaner and more sustainable way of living in the present. We hope that you feel the same way and will help us in fulfilling this vision, one ray of sunlight at a time.