We use only top of the line equipment, period.

Power Vector uses only the finest quality equipment available on the market to ensure we give our customers the very best in performance, durability and reliability. We want our products to not only maintain their performance, but also continue to be reliable and functioning as intended—as such, our solar panels, monitoring systems and racking systems are designed to last at least 25 years without any issue. With the best industry equipment and expert craftsmanship on behalf of our team at Power Vector, we aim to deliver confidence, quality and longevity to every single installation.

Power Vector Solar - Solar Panels

Recently, there has been a change in domestic requirements for the MicroFIT program—the program is now allowed imports of solar panels from Asia and the rest of the world. However, here at Power Vector, we proud ourselves offering our customers Canadian made, time proven, finest solar panels with the best quality equipment from reputable producers, leaving our customers with strong, dependable systems that are made to last, backed up by our 25 year power guarantee.

Power Vector Solar - Solar Inverters

Due to the lack of moving parts, solar panels require little to no maintenance and are built to last. We install solar panels are made from tempered glass coated with Teflon to ensure maximum resistance to the elements. The properties of the solar panels allows any dust that has accumulated to be washed away by rain, making it a self–cleaning process that requires no maintenance. Connected to the solar panels is an advanced monitoring system to monitor the state of the equipment. Should anything happen that reduces their performance and needs fixing or repairing, our team will be alerted online, making it that much easier and quicker to address the issue. We want our customers to feel like everything is taken care of on their behalf—and this procedure makes it easy for our team to keep stay on top of the situation.

Power Vector Solar - Canadian Solar Equipment

Everyone has different needs, and Power Vector has the expertise required to customize equipment to account for the differences in each home. Our team will consider the physical properties of each household before suggesting a solution. This suggestion will detail the size of the system, type of system and layout—all details that have been considered in order to maximize the productivity of your solar system. As always, our top of the line equipment ensures that every custom system built by Power Vector is reliable, durable and performs exceptionally. We would only recommend our customers a system that we’d happily install in our own homes.