Exclusive “Combo”

Power Vector is excited to offer an exclusive combo package that includes the installation of both MicroFIT and Net Metering. We are currently the only company in Ontario that has the ability to design and install both programs at the same time; our team has worked hard on this package to ensure that is both useful and convenient for our customers. This product was designed by our dedicated engineers team alongside our customer relations department—we aim to serve and satisfy our customer’s needs and market expectations by offering two excellent products at once, reducing the hassle of installing each product individually or with different companies.

By installing both the MicroFIT system and Net Metering at the same time, you’ll have the ability to generate electricity through your solar panels while immediately reaping the rewards through reduced Hydro bills. With our “Combo” package, you will be able to maximize the solar productivity of your home using the most advanced photovoltaic system in the easiest way possible. We want our customers to enjoy the service that we provide to them and not have to worry about a lengthy and complicated process, or have to juggle different parts. This package ensures that everything that is needed for the best return on solar systems in Ontario is included and accounted for.

The package contains two elements—MicroFIT and Net Metering. MicroFIT is the solar panel system that allows the opportunity for homeowners to implement a renewable electricity generation product on their property. The energy generated from the system is delivered to Ontario’s power grid, which will then pay a fixed rate for your assistance. With this program, homeowners can generate up to $5,500 a month—accumulating to $110,000 over the 20–year period of the contract. This accounts for a 14–16% return on investment—a much higher percentage than many other investment options, such as mutual funds or GICs, while being risk–free.

The Net Metering program allows Ontario homeowners, farmers, businesses and property owners the ability to send electricity generated from the solar panels on their properties to the Ontario electricity grid, thereby providing an additional and renewable source of energy to the community. This process incentivizes participants by giving a monthly credit towards each homeowner’s hydro bills with the amount based on the quantity of electricity their solar panels produce during this time period. Net Metering’s greatest advantage is that it is a savings tool and not income—meaning that no taxes will be paid on the credit generated by the solar panels, as it is deducted off the monthly hydro bills.

These two programs combine to form a convenient package that allows our customers to maximize the potential of their solar panels and drastically reduce their monthly hydro bills—not to mention doing their part to improve the environment. Simply put, investing in solar energy now benefits everyone. Take advantage of this opportunity and inquire about our MicroFIT and Net Metering Combo package—and help us improve the future today.