There are many benefits and advantages to installing a solar system on your property. To ensure our customers receive the best solar systems possible, our systems are custom designed by a team of professional engineers with top–of–the–line equipment that guarantees the best quality and performance in the industry.

One of the greatest benefits to installing a solar system is its high return rate coupled with its lack of risk as an investment. With our system, you can expect a 14–16% return on investment with 6–9 years payback; as shown below, that number exceeds the average return rate of many other types of investments, some of which are of much higher risk.

Type of Investment Average Rate of Return Risk
RRSP, GIC 2% No Risk/Guaranteed by the Government
Your Solar System 14-16% No Risk/Guaranteed by the Government
Mutual Funds 7% High Risk
Small Business Owners 12% High Risk

The installation of a solar system also immediately increases the value of the property. Due to the steady income provided by the system, prospective buyers will find a home equipped with a solar system a more attractive option those without. According to a Berkeley Labs study, a home equipped with a solar system will sell faster and for a premium over unequipped houses at an average of an 3–4% increase in property value. This makes a solar system a great investment for the future, even before the benefit of monthly payments from the energy provided to the province’s electricity grid.

The installation of rooftop solar PV system will also increase the longevity of the property—solar panels protect the roof from constant wear–and–tear, reducing the degradation of shingles caused by ultraviolent lights and weather effects. This results in savings through reduced repairing costs that are commonly seen as inevitable for many households.

Furthermore, solar panels increase the insulation properties of a household—the panels are installed off the roof by about four inches, leaving room for air to circulate beneath the panels. As sunlight warms the panels, the heat is dissipated and released through this air gap, making for a cooler attic. By reducing the amount of heat entering the attic, households with solar systems installed become easier to cool. This amounts to a smaller workload for the air conditioning systems in its effort to sufficiently cool the home, thereby both reducing air conditioning and energy bills, as well as reducing possible repair and maintenance costs for air conditioning systems.

In addition to personal benefits, going solar also has social and environmental benefits. The MicroFIT program supports the local economy through creating new jobs—more than 10,000 new green jobs has been created in Ontario since 2009. Solar systems also help reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses; they contribute to improving the health of the community through providing an alternative source of renewable energy.

Solar is a smart investment for your home and the future—this program will generate steady income for the household as well as provide clean air and green jobs for the community. Help build the future today with Power Vector’s solar system—and reap the rewards for years to come.