Microfit Program

Option 1: MicroFIT

Start earning $5,500/year to make $110,000 over 20-year with Ontario Solar incentive program “MicroFIT”. Reserve your spot now and don’t miss your chance to participate. Feed-in-Tariff program is ending!

Net Metering Program

Option 2: Net Metering

Save Big with Net Metering program. Enjoy $0 hydro bill every month! Be independent from rising hydro costs in Ontario. Take advantage of unlimited renewable energy from the sun.

Combo Program

Option 3: Combo

Now Available: $5,500/year income + $0 hydro bill = Power Vector exclusive “Combo” program. Maximize the solar potential of your home and reduce your environmental footprint.

Save Income with the Sun

Power Vector is a company invested in making the future brighter through spreading the accessibility and use of solar energy in Ontario. Following the Ontario government’s introduction of the Feed–in–Tariff program, our team has worked tirelessly to provide the best solution for solar energy implementation to our customers—all while utilizing the latest technology and state–of–the–art equipment (Canadian made solar panels), making it easy and beneficial to our customers to take advantage of Ontario’s solar initiative.

Our team consists of engineers, designers and installers that continually strive to provide the very best in solar solutions. Power Vector’s commitment to the best mechanical and electrical installation quality, superior management and professional engineering services have helped us secure our position as a market leader in the solar energy industry.

One of the greatest benefits to installing a solar system is its high return rate coupled with its lack of risk as an investment. With our system, you can expect a 14–16% return on investment with 6–9 years payback; as shown below, that number exceeds the average return rate of many other types of investments, some of which are of much higher risk.

Important! Last chance to lock your 38.4 cents!

The Minister of Energy directed the OPA to conduct the price review for the FIT and microFIT programs. The new price schedule will be effective January 1, 2015 for microFIT contracts and will not apply to microFIT contracts issued in 2014.

A Good Investment

Type of Investment Average Rate of Return Risk
RRSP & GIC 2% No Risk/Guaranteed by the Government
Your Solar System 14-16% No Risk/Guaranteed by the Government
Mutual Funds 7% High Risk
Small Business Owners 12% High Risk

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